Our selected services range from Power Plant Spare Parts, Plant Engineering Solution, Business Consultancy Services,  IOT Service, AI, Industry 4.0 , Strategic Business Research and Investment Solution.

Our Solid Know How, Strong Local and Global Network under Proven Guarantee Solid Project Term of Reference Deliver Confidence and Excellent Results.

We guarantee superb customization solution for our client needs. We keep learning on high-tech engineering, IOT Industry, future growth market demand needs and adaptable global trends.

Under solid partnership with high-tech engineering firm Turnkey Control Solution since 2002  we deliver strong confidence and guarantee proven Power Generation solution, guarantee match client goals, needs and specific super aim. 2018 A8N develop excellent partnership with strong IT Companies for startegic 4.0 project, ecommerce and solid IT business growth.

Our project reference in turbine parts guarantee deliver niche solution, with focus super best competitive price, and solid strong products.

GT64.3A Gas Turbine Spare parts

OIS DCS Control Systems New , Refurbished, Extension Project Plug and Play or Upgrade Solution Turnkey: ABB, Bailey Siemens, GE and more.

Abb Bailey, Rockwell Control System OIS DCS Turnkey, Spare Parts or Upgrades.

Turbine spare parts reverse engineering service also ready.

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