High-Tech Engineering Solution

Our Company established in 2013 with goal to built a better world and develop a local , global solution to help mankind for a better advance sustainable future.

The name PT. Artha Delapan Nusantara, explained : start on middle words “Delapan” Its Indonesian translated number 8, looks like an infinity sign, explain as our aim to focus deliver excellent long-term sustainable services.

The front Artha means funds, we have solid support capital from our stakeholder for learning,  R&D and project support.  The last word Nusantara means Indonesia, our operation establishment our Excellent Country Indonesia.

Our selected services range from engineering supply service power plant spare parts to excellent geothermal power plant engineering consultancy services , strategic planning business services, marketing development services and network channel distribution service solution.

Our solid know how focus on geothermal power plant, strategic planning, sales, consultancy, web development and marketing.

We guarantee superb customize solution for our client needs.

On engineering power plant we provide top of the line power plant controls DCS OIS upgrades and custom simulation control system solution. We give your power gen asset more safety and superb competitive edge long-term planning.

Under solid partnership with high-tech engineering firm Turnkey Control Solution since 2002 we are confidence can deliver excellent solution match client goals back up with proven record solution.

On turbine parts we can provide you with excellent turbine niche solution, special power plant spare-parts sourcing and excellent service solution with bottomline super best competitive price.

GT64.3A Gas Turbine Spare parts

OIS DCS Control Systems Refurbished, New or Upgrade Solution Turnkey: ABB, Bailey Siemens, GE and more.

Abb Bailey, Rockwell Control System OIS DCS Turnkey, Spare Parts or Upgrades.

Turbine spare parts reverse engineering service also ready.

Please contact us for our solid reference project information and excellent price.