Consulting Services

Our strength is in our Team,  we have  expert from power plant engineering life extension solution, financial modelling expert, ICT,  IOT formulation marketing team, FMCG sales enhancement team, business strategy M&E solution team,  sport management, consultancy and campaign solution program team.

We have over 20 years of solid track records, proven concepts, projects and execution strategy.

Numerous power plant engineering projects with solid excellent  supply service reference, excellent consulting  service program reference and successfull sale marketing program.

Our team super resourceful on formulating excellent ideas,  match and adaptable to client needs.

We perform solid safe,  fast deployment  under superb execution process guarantee.

Our solution give positive impact and deliver growth match our client needs and long term sustainable business growth.

Our Assets

1.Global Partnership High-End Engineering Power Plant Spare Parts and Services

Solid Partners :  TCSI, D&D, Duplomatic, PGT.

“We deliver Turnkey Power Plant Systems supported with the best global brand, safe,  fast deployment solution and superb execution,  best price and guarantee excellent products”

2. Our Excellent Resource Team with 20+ Years Expert Global Procurement, Engineering, Finance, Content developer, IT ICT IOT, Government Relation and Marketing Sales. We contribute towards strong focus  aim for reaching our Company Goal.

Our Core Company Foundation believe in:

Strong Network, Perseverance, Precision & Solid Teamwork